Are we all liars?

Yes, especially when we churn out set phrases. Every sentence that begins with I don’t want to be disrespectful but…will be followed by something disrespectful, see also I’m not being sexist but and I’m not being racist but… If you’ve got to start the sentence with one of these introductions, chances are it’s not a sentence worth finishing. But there are also the so called white lies we tell for self-preservation and to not shed too bright a light onto things that are best kept in the shade. ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ ‘Course it does. It looks big in everything. It’s a pair of jeans not a time machine. You’ve had a fat arse for 20 years! You know it, I know it but neither of us is going to admit it out of a mix of kindness, self-delusion and the wish to see a new dawn.’

Actually do women actually ask this? Do guys? Maybe historically but it’s so clichéd if it’s something that did ever happen, it’s something you’d only come across today on the television or in badly written blogs!

What are the biggest/most common lies men tell women, women tell men and we all regardless of gender tell each other?


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