Has the world gone mad part one? What’s that coming over the hill..?#GoldilocksBrexit

Has the world gone mad? There are now so many answers to this question it’s unbelievable but let’s focus on Brexit. Remainers didn’t know what would happen if we left so weren’t sure what they were voting against just that it appeared less savoury than the status quo. Leavers weren’t sure what they were going to get if they won, just that they were sure it would be more savoury than the status quo. Allegedly half the leavers didn’t think we’d actually leave, it was just political manoeuvring or a show of frustration at how things were being run. I’ve heard that said and seen it written though how true it is remains open to question.

Some papers the morning after said Remain had won just before the TV news reported they’d lost. Nigel Farage started announcing defeat just before he learnt he’d won. But since the result there’s been no plague of locusts, no earthquakes, monsoons, tidal waves, sightings of Godzilla rampaging through the streets of London, or sightings of the antichrist though some might claim he played a large part in the campaign (pick a political hate figure of your choice). In fact there’s been no apocalypse of any kind. And if politicians making promises they couldn’t, wouldn’t or didn’t know that they’d be able to keep is a sign of madness then the world’s been crazy as long as it’s had politicians to vote for. And voters taking a leap of faith when confronted by a ballot paper? Again that’s par for the course. It’s usually just a case of deciding who’s lying least or best. In fact, if anything, the whole process shows, crazy or not, this is very much business as usual. If you want a politician to actually stick to his policies vote Trump! Oh yeah, you did, didn’t you?

I wrote this months ago but the more things change the more the confusion levels stay the same. The Tories are still fighting amongst themselves while Jeremy Corbyn (not singing the national anthem, not voting on palace repairs…) is so busy fighting the small battles he’s missing the chance to have any impact in the big one (and he doesn’t reply to my tweets!). And all the while we’re still no closer to a #GoldilocksBrexit, one that’s not too hard, not too soft but just right. In fact we may be further away than ever.





2 thoughts on “Has the world gone mad part one? What’s that coming over the hill..?#GoldilocksBrexit

    1. Hey, sorry I Haven’t been on here for a long time. I’m trying to put some of these together for a manuscript I’m trying to publish, but thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. I didn’t think anyone still was.

      This piece was just a Brexit intro and I’ve still got more to write. For the record I voted Remain and would do again.


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