What are we really doing about the homeless part two

The first piece on the homeless got the most comments so it would have been rude not to follow up. The Wenger piece got the fewest and wasn’t my best work so, on my website, if not in real life, Arsene Wenger is no more. So please keep the comments and likes coming and thanks for everyone that already has given feedback.

I’ve been tweeting Jeremy Corbyn, Shelter, Sadiq Khan and the Salvation Army to see what they’re doing to fight homelessness and how we can help and have met with mostly silence but weirdly SalvationArmy USA has been messaging me and challenged me to ‘stop being a hero and volunteer’ and I accepted, so I’m off to volunteer in the States! Ok no, I’ll stay local for now and have a look at what they’re doing and what we can do to help. I don’t think volunteering is the answer. I think moves like the  Tories’ ‘big society’ under David Cameron are a ploy to shift responsibility for society’s ills to individual citizens and charities but they can only really be tackled when citizens, charities, governments and big business all come together to find lasting solutions but I could be wrong. I’m volunteering to try to find out. I’ll try not to get into anymore fights along the way!




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