The Great British Dunch Off

How easy is it to invent a word and get it into the dictionary? My offering is ‘dunch’. We all get brunch, well this is it’s later cousin, between lunch and dinner, usually had before a first date because you’re not sure you can stomach the excruciating agony of sitting down for a whole meal with someone you suddenly realise is only attractive when you’re drunk or they’re online and using a photo from a decade ago. It’s that meal you have when you don’t want to commit to the time or cost of a meal with someone you’re really not sure about but don’t want to totally rule out dinner just in case; when you’re not sure when you’ll get in and don’t want to bother with cooking when you do.

Common usage would include sentences like: ‘Not sure about this guy I’m meeting later, fancy dunch and a catch up before I go see him?’

I can’t do this alone. Get dunching and spread the word. The problem might be the whole thing never ends, late meals might become dippers, but that’s a worry for another time!


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