He’s Batman

After the whole #Oscarssowhite uproar of last year everything seemed very multicultural this year and liberals everywhere could go away thinking in Oscars land at least, all is generally right with the world. And I’m not one to put a dampener on things but just this once I will.

In 2016, the African American Nate Parker released Birth of a Nation. It was that year’s 12 Years a Slave, received a standing ovation at the Sundance festival and was said to be a certainty for a best picture nomination if not the award itself. It came to light that Parker had been accused of rape but acquitted. It didn’t receive a single nomination.

In 2016 Casey Affleck starred in Manchester by the Sea. I don’t know how good his performance is as I’m never going to watch it. It’s the wrong Manchester for a start (mine isn’t by the sea), looks depressing as hell and there are no superheroes in it or dragons. In 2010 Affleck was sued for numerous unwanted and unwelcome sexual advances by two women. It was settled out of court. In 2017 he won the Oscar for best actor.

Now I’m not saying this did or didn’t have anything to do with race. I don’t know why one actor walked away with the Oscar while one actor, director, producer walked away without even a nomination but it does show that, for whatever reason, there still isn’t a level playing field in Hollywood and it helps if your big brother’s Batman.


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