Behind the magic curtain-my version of events!

When the day starts with me getting my make-up done sitting next to Susie Dent (as the commoners know her), I know I’m on to a good thing. And there are no airs and graces here. She chats away and couldn’t be friendlier. Then my make-up artist and I chat about potential baby names (she was with me for at least a minute, that makes her mine!). Then someone takes my bag and does my ironing for me! Granted it’s a long way to come to get my ironing done, but they throw in free lunches so I might make a habit of it! They might start asking a few questions if I keep sneaking back onto set with bags of laundry and stuffing sandwiches in my pocket, but I’ll just say I’m with ‘Susie’.

The  sexual chemistry between Susie, Rachel and me is electric but they try to fight it, bless them! They slip up a few times but I keep it professional. Nick throws me a few winks too but I say nothing of it! He also does a very funny opening monologue and a joke pops into my head. I so want to say, ‘hang on Nick, I’ll take over from here,’ but I’m not sure how that would have gone down. It’s never been so hard to keep my mouth shut!

 I was slightly afraid the contestants would be weirdos who’d never met anyone of the opposite sex and went to bed cuddling their dictionaries. I guess that’s just me? Who knew? In the event, they were all fun, normal and actually a really good laugh.

After my ‘set’, as we say in the industry, I decided to sit in the crowd. Well it’s good to mix with your fans. I think I set some pacemakers fluttering. I was under 50 and had all my own teeth so it was like Brad Pitt had just sat amongst them! The only thing to decide now is whether its 8 out of 10 cats next or straight to Hollywood! Decisions, decisions!


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